It then

It then If reading picturebooks helps to develop imagination of your child and the right brain, then of course, reading books without pictures will yield still bigger result because your child has to imagine scenes from the book in his head.

It then would resemble imagination imaging which is one of the main occupations on development of the right brain.

Books without pictures and the audiobook remarkably approach for this purpose.

Audiobooks are remarkable for game in the car, to keep your child occupied while you eat.

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Do not hurry

Do not hurry It is better to pour paint in a wide flat pan easier to get to it a brush less probability that it will turn over.

If to draw on paper or a cardboard, work will remain more long.

Works of art from grain Age: years.

Number of players: Perhaps, you in the house have stale grain.

Do not hurry them to throw out!

Prepare a little glue, pour it in a saucer or a cup, the child will make mosaic applications, pasting grains or gerkulesovy flakes to a sheet of paper.

You can put a contour or even kakoynibud a drawing fragment, and the child will continue.

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You the guy from

You the guy from I think of Jack who left us when to him there were seventeen to arrive on mechanical plant.

Once he was summoned by the managing director.

You the guy from Sammerkhill he told.

Here it is interesting to me that you think of this training now when you met children from usual schools.

If now you again had to choose, you would prefer Eton or Sammerkhill?

Of course, Sammerkhill Jack answered.

But what this school that not given in others gives?

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As a result

As a result As a result of it the child grows up with the low level of immunity, suppressed, not capable to active fullfledged life and in an adult state more subject to civilization diseases: to a cancer, heart attack, hypertension, etc.

Immunity and stress What changes arise in an organism at a stress?

One of the largest world physiologists Hans Selye showed that than the stress was caused, whatever there was its reason, reaction of an organism to it is always same.

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To acquaint

To acquaint To ask to call preceding spring and the season, subsequent to spring.

To observe together with the child spring changes in the nature.

To acquaint the child with names of spring months.

Consider pictures with images of winter and spring.

Call signs of these seasons.

Compare them among themselves on a sample: In the winter sun dim, and in the spring the bright.

Select exercise, call, remember: Call as much as possible slovpriznak; slovdeystviye.

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It will also

It will also Let now the child do on a mark wall about growth of a sunflower.

In some weeks he will start understanding that the sunflower and really grows.

Compare its growth to growth of the child.

Game will help the child to understand that such growth.

It will also develop its idea of the account.

Games with the card Age: years.

Number of players: Begin acquaintance of the child to the card with the simplest.

At first make kartuplan rooms, then all house.

When the kid becomes an expert in this area, draw to the child a district map round your house.

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And the umbilical

And the umbilical These are compassionate French physicians took maternity hospital of Torzhok under the patronage and how they in general about it learned?


To France to adopt their experience there went even some local doctors.

And the umbilical cord to the Oksaniny daughter Arishka was tied up in French so pupochek at the baby it turned out unusual in the form of a petal.

The personnel struck with the manner and readiness any minute to rush to the aid.

But Oksana took the roundtheclock joint stay with the child hard.

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